Welcome to the Maslo Company Inc. website! “Maslo” is an independent full-service brokerage trading all grades of paper. We buy and sell scrap, job lot, and obsolete/excess inventories. As we say, we are “Everything Paper”.


Maslo is merchant wholesaler of paper, fully committed to continuous improvement in our own operations as well as for those of our suppliers and customers. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous service and we maximize revenue to our suppliers in a manner that is responsible to the marketplace in an atmosphere of integrity that builds long lasting relationships. In short, we provide solutions that are sustainable!


Founded in 1978, Maslo brings a wealth of experience to the marketplace. The founding partners recognized a critical need among paper converters, commercial printers, box makers and folding carton producers in the Philadelphia area for a trusted outlet for their paper. What began with a handful of loyal suppliers and customers has grown over the past 40 plus years. Maslo now markets paper in all forms globally, and provides logistical solutions to suppliers and customers in all markets from our plants in Pennsylvania and the Carolinas as well as a network of third party facilities.


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