Maslo provides services to paper and board mills in a variety of ways. First and foremost, Maslo is depended on for a clean, high-quality, fiber supply. Mills also recognize Maslo as a significant outlet market for their “job lot” and “culls,” whether in rolls or sheets. Maslo brokers job lot and culled papers and board in all standard industry grades, and some specialty grades as well.

Nothing but the Best! – Our mill customers are demanding. Nothing but the highest quality secondary fiber will do. Our customers’ specs meet or exceed the industry standard as defined in the Paper Stock Institute Scrap Specifications Circular (PS-98). Mills rely on Maslo’s inventory/production controls to provide accountability from “cradle to grave” in the manufacturing process. If your mill is ISO 9000 certified, then Maslo should be among your premier suppliers! Maslo recognizes that quality is a constant process, and we are forever seeking new ways to improve.

On time all the time – In today’s complex business environment, “JIT” is a much-abused term. The “abuse” doesn’t come from the term JIT itself, rather from a lack of communication about what is required. It’s that simple. Because paper stocks are commodities and are cyclical in nature, planning for fiber needs for production in paper mills has been more art than science. Maslo works in close relation with its consuming mills to ensure that the correct fiber supply is delivered when it is most needed. Whether your needs are similar to those of a small specialty mill, or to those of a 1,500-ton-per-day linerboard producer, count on Maslo to get your needs delivered “on time all the time.”

Mill Broke, Culls, and Job Lot – Maslo is an active and regular buyer of “mill broke” those rolls that because of major imperfections must go directly into the “re-pulping” market. Many mills may find, because of disparities in running time, they are unable to re-consume all the “broke” they generate. Maslo can provide a ready market for this type of paper stock. As our mill’s representative, we guarantee that if it’s destined for a hydrapulper, that’s exactly where it goes. Maslo also handles culls. These rolls often are capable of meeting the technical product spec for the grade, but not necessarily the size for a particular customer order. Aside from these or other minor imperfections these rolls may be fine for a secondary converter. Maslo has a steady customer base in many grades for mill culls. Job lot represents standard “off-cuts” where there is nothing discernibly wrong with the paper. All it takes is finding the right customer to use a specific size, but this may prove too costly a use of sales resources for a mill. You can count on Maslo to consistently “find a home” for your job lot.

For sales assistance contact any of the following managers, they select a “roll specialist” to respond immediately:

Steve Loose (x233)     Bob Loose (x225)     Kevin Donovan (x228)