Recovered Paper Sources

Commercial web and sheet-fed printers, print finishers, converters, envelope manufacturers, and supermarket chains are but a few of the types of businesses that utilize Maslo Company, Inc., as their means of selling their recovered papers. Maslo has, through its efforts, established itself as the premier service provider to these and many other businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Training – Maslo provides free expert market consultation to its suppliers of recovered papers. We train our suppliers’ personnel on site to segregate their wastes and produce the highest quality fiber packs in the industry. These fiber packs will meet or exceed Paper Stock Industry (PSI) standard specifications.

Equipment – Maslo provides a design service aimed at maximizing efficiencies in the collection and sorting of recovered papers during the manufacturing process. Each supplier has its own desired levels of sophistication and automation within its systems. Maslo designs systems that exceed these desires, and delivers them at a competitive cost.

Financing – Maslo provides financing to its suppliers for the equipment systems chosen. Financing rates are extremely competitive within the industry, and while every situation is unique, Maslo assists its suppliers that are purchasing new paper-recovery equipment with attractive financing alternatives.

Services – Suppliers can choose to deliver their recovered papers or have Maslo’s professional traffic department arrange for transportation services. All material entering the Maslo Recycling Plant in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is graded and weighed and detailed reports are generated. Suppliers can choose to receive information of their shipments by mail, fax, or e-mail. Each and every item received whether bales, rolls, or palletized sheets is inventoried. Loose materials enter the facility as work in process and are tracked every step of the way through production. Maslo has an “Open House” policy whereby suppliers can visit without any prior notice and review items they have shipped for proper weight and grading.